Honeymoon of Awesome

Welcome friends and family to the chronicle of our honeymoon in Belize! We had an amazing time on our adventure, and we are so glad to have experienced such a different part of our world. Our young marriage has seen us growing profoundly, pushing us further together and creating the kind of shared life that will carry us through all things. Finding out more about ourselves as we adventured in an breathtaking place was just the kind of thing we dreamed about as we imagined a honeymoon together. Everything about the trip lived up to all our expectations, and we want to share that with you!

Ali and Andrew on their honeymoon

The story of our trip is in our Travelogue, where there's lots of picture galleries. There's even more pictures in the GPS Track, all technologically snazzyfied! We also have our wedding pictures on this site for you to view.

Please enjoy the log of our trip! We can't wait to experience the next part of our grand adventure of marriage!